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What’s My Home Worth?
Short Sales
A lot of people ask us what a “Short Sale” is... and we have answers.  Unfortunately, the easiest answer is that it is an ALTERNATIVE TO FORECLOSURE. 

You might be in a situation where your friends or family members are suggesting a Short Sale - but hopefully they are also advising you that it’s not an easy process.  Here’s some of the necessities that you should know:

        The AVERAGE success rate of Short Sales getting approved is 20-30%.
       WHITE & WHITE has a success rate of around 93%.

        WHITE & WHITE will NEVER ask you for money in a Short Sale.
        Commissions are negotiated from the Mortgage Holder(s) and we are true to our word.

        A Short Sale is a VERY COMPLEX DEAL.
        WHITE & WHITE is here to help you.  We even have a blog written by our negotiator that you 
        can read HERE.  It goes into detail about what a Short Sale is and he talks about some of his 
        deals (no specific names or addresses).

        There are certain TAX LIABILITIES that can come along with a Short Sale.
        WHITE & WHITE will put you in touch with appropriate people to help you understand those 
        liabilities BEFORE you proceed with the deal.

If you, or someone you know, is in a situation where they are considering a Short Sale - Please CONTACT US now.  We do not usually have a lot of time to waste in these situations...contact_us.html
Short Sales
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